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Fight Fatigue


“Doctor, please help me! I barely have enough
energy to get through my day.”

Does this sound familiar? It certainly does to Dr. Mary Ann Bauman. She has encountered this lament from her patients countless times over the past twenty-five years. Fortunately, there is a way out! Fight Fatigue: Six Simple Steps To Maximize Your Energy teaches you how to generate the energy you need and deserve. This six-step program actually works!

If you are ready to enjoy life again, then it is time to approach life differently. Dr. Bauman’s successful and heavily sought-after system for increasing energy is designed to easily become a part of your daily life, fitting into even the busiest of schedules. Remember, you won’t be the only one to benefit from Fight Fatigue: Six Simple Steps To Maximize Your Energy. Those you love and care for will appreciate the difference. So what have you got to lose—except that tired, dragged-out feeling?

foreword by CATHY KEATING
First Lady of Oklahoma 1995-2003


DR. MARY ANN BAUMAN received her medical degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 1978. For nine years, she served in a variety of internal medicine teaching and administrative positions on medical school faculties before beginning her private practice in primary care. She is now the Medical Director for Women’s Health and Community Relations for INTEGRIS Health.

Dr. Bauman speaks regularly to audiences about many of the health challenges that we face today and is a strong advocate for healthy living. She lives with her husband, Barton H. Dawson, in Oklahoma City, and together they have three children.


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